Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Crankies Set In

"The Crankies", otherwise known as a very low tolerance for everyone and everything around me, has set in.  I knew it was coming...after the novelty of a "tragic" event wears off and life around you gets back to normal you realize the extent to which your own life is effected.

So I am reminded how much more effort everything takes when you can't bear weight on one foot.  The simple acts of getting a glass of water, picking something up off the floor, wiping your kid's butt, all have to be anticipated and planned.  Try it...I dare you.  Get up from the chair in which you are sitting, hop over to where you can get the nearest glass of water and hop back to your seat.  You can try it with crutches too..sometimes that is even harder.  Then, imagine doing that for EVERYTHING.  It's exhausting.

Thus the screaming at my 8 year old this morning when I gave him the one job of carrying my coffee to the car and he spilled it all over the front porch.  Okay...just a few drops, but I reacted as if it was the whole thing.  "You're so cranky."  he said.  "Yes, yes I am." 

Only to be made worse when my 3 year old announced right before bath tonight, "I pee'd all over the wall!!!".  I am grateful for my husband who cleaned it all up.

That being said, the "Mother of All Workouts" was a success this morning!!  Yay for bands that hook onto the door (perfect if you can't use your foot because you can either sit or kneel).  I was able to do all of the push ups on my knees and even did somewhat modified dive bombers.  I did attempt that pull up, but still no dice.

Tomorrow my plan is to try a circuit.  10 exercises 30 seconds each with 15 second transitions 3x.  My goal is to get my heart rate up as much as possible.  I'm not so sure how this will work.  Below are some thoughts on exercises to try, but first a note in case anyone is wondering why I am posting about daily exercises:  The last time I broke my foot I couldn't find anything pertaining to exercising with a bum foot other than doing rows (who wants to do rows for 30 minutes 5x/week???), or doing pilates, most of which I can no longer do because of some jacked up stomach muscles.  So this is for anyone searching for exercise suggestions when you can't use your foot:

Squat Runs - (if your hurt foot can tolerate some weight).  Bear down on your good foot and squat as best you can.  Make sure you have good balance and then move your arms back and forth as if running as fast as you can.
Banana Rolls or Superman Banana
Side Tri Rise
Side Hip Raises
Tricep Dips
Back Kicks (on knees) - while on hands on knees swing your knee up to your nose and the extend your foot to the sky.  Repeat on other side.
Jack Knife

Repeat 3x

Did I mention that I love YouTube?  So much good stuff out there!!!

Okay...I will let you know if this is worth it.  I am totally making it up as I go along.

One last note, for anyone who knows my kids...judge them not by the clothes they are wearing this week (or maybe even next).  They are dressing themselves and we are running out of clean things to wear!!

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  1. So i know you are posting about being cranky and I can surely relate after this time last year i was laid up all summer rehabbing my acl. i am enjoying reading about your experiences, and laughing with you along the way!