Thursday, April 28, 2011

Minding Your Mind and Your Body

I realized after publishing my last post that I failed to mention how Mindfulness can be a very important ally when dealing with any setback in life, including a broken foot.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapists believe that feelings are simply a manifestation of thoughts which eventually lead to behavior.  In effect, if you change the way you think, you will change the way you feel, thus changing the way you behave.  One of the goals of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help people change the way they think ultimately leading to a change in feeling and behavior.  Mindfulness, which actually stems from Buddhist tradition is a quality that allows you to do this by fully paying attention to yourself without judgment or expectation.

Bam!  I said it, "Pay Attention To Yourself!"  Try me.  It works.  So when I acknowledged to my son the other day that I was, in deed, cranky...I started the process of paying attention to myself.  I thought about it all day...and then I came home and blogged about it.  Yes, I am cranky.  I can't walk.  I have to hop.  I can't wear the cute black summer shoes my mom gave me.  Shaving my legs is like a freaking balancing act, and dammit, I can't do the Broad Street Run!!  Yes, I am cranky!!!

And guess what?  Yesterday I woke up.  And I wasn't so cranky anymore.  And, I could walk with one crutch (just a few steps...but it's progress) and I will be able to wear those shoes before the summer is over, I sat on the shower floor to shave.....and there will always be another Broad Street Run. 

In addition, my exercise circuit worked out well yesterday.  38 minutes of total exercise, broke a sweat, elevated the heart rate and actually worked a few new muscles.  I also "crutched" (my coinage for "walked with crutches") for over a mile yesterday (not all at once and not by choice).   Did you know walking with crutches burns almost 3 times the amount of calories as just plain old walking?  Yeah, I know you want to go out and get yourself a pair of crutches now!  It's going to be the hottest exercise fad since P90X!

I chose not to exercise today.  This is where "minding your body" is just as important as "minding your mind".  I knew yesterday was a long day and I was feeling it as I went to bed.  As much as I want to stay active, my body needed time to rest.  Sure enough, my arms and back have been pretty sore all day.  I'm glad I didn't over do it.

Tomorrow though, is a new day.  My plan:  P90X Arms and Shoulders.  "The glamor muscles".  This is a great workout for anyone with a disabled foot or leg because you can do most of it either on your knees or sitting in a chair.  I just need to figure out how to get my weights into the room with the computer......oh that's what husbands are for!!

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