Saturday, October 5, 2013

Finding Life Purpose in What Already Exists

I don't know about you, but I feel like I am always seeking something.  I'm never quite sure what that "something" is though, which can be frustrating, because if I don't know what it is, how do I know when I have found it?

 If you glance over this blog, which I have come and gone from many times over the past several years, you might think that I am all over the place.  But if you look closer you can see a common theme of health, wellness and human behavior.  More interestingly though there is a clear progression of sorts, a journey that doesn't seem to have a road map or an end.

Up until recently I was really bothered by this.  Why am I never satisfied?  Why can't I stick with any one thing? But through my recent meditation practice and willingness to open myself to whatever the Universe has planned for me I had an awakening of sorts, and thus have chosen to "notice" this frustration without judgement and without trying to change it.  Rather I find myself looking into it a bit deeper, and perhaps reframing my basic belief around having to be "done".

If I was truly satisfied, what would be the fun in living?  If I stuck with just one thing, how would I continue to learn?  While noticing my frustration, and looking at what I am actually really frustrated with, I found that it was perhaps my uneasiness with not being able to label who I am and thus realize my life's purpose.  And then it became clear, I know exactly who I was there all along.

I am a Seeker.  I chose to follow this journey so that I can continue to learn and grow.  I am also a Teacher, while in my quest to learn and grow I get pleasure out of sharing my experiences and knowledge with others.  Last but not least, I am a Healer.  My path my be long and winding but the stops along the way are always the same.  To help people to grow, to change, and to heal.

Of course I am not "done", because if I was I would no longer be here.  Now I know, that I still have lots to do and the ability to identify who I truly am will allow me to stay the course.   So instead of spending my days feeling unsatisfied and frustrated, I look forward to the opportunities that are laid out in front of me that will further the journey and my life's purpose.

My message to others in all of this, is that if you find yourself constantly feeling unsatisfied, stuck or frustrated take the time to sit with the feeling and observe it with a "beginner's mind".  Examine it as if you have never seen it before, with curiosity and without judgment.  Open your mind to the idea that the answers you seek are already right in front of you and all you need is a bit of reframing to see them.

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