Monday, May 20, 2013

Travel, Exercise, and Staying Healthy - Guest Blogger

The following blog was written by a fellow fitness and healthy living enthusiast, Mike Manning.   Visit for more posts by Mike!

In the meantime, I love his ideas on how to continue a fitness regime while traveling...something that tends to be difficult, especially if you have kids!  The in-room yoga is a fabulous perk, and exercise bands are easy to pack!


Travel, Exercise, and Staying Healthy

Many aspects of travel can take a toll on your health. The crazy schedules and unfamiliar surroundings can make it difficult to stick to healthy routines you have established at home. Sadly, many frequent travelers experience serious health concerns, including obesity, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you take the time to plan and also maintain your self-awareness, you can perform your exercise and maintain your personal health no matter how much you travel.

Before you leave, learn about your destination. Find out what fitness amenities your hotel offers. If you can book your own accommodations, try to find a place to stay where you will have access to a well-equipped fitness center and other amenities that will encourage you to get some exercise during your visit. Some hotels have in-room yoga or fitness videos for guests. Others offer fitness sessions in the hotel gym or running trails on the premises. On a trip to Maui I was able to book a hotel with a phenomenal 24-hour gym, which allowed me to keep up my early morning workouts. I did this by scrolling through all of the Maui hotels on a travel site where I could see reviews and amenities offered.

When packing, remember everything you will need to get a good workout during your trip. Pack comfortable clothes and shoes for working out, and never leave home without a refillable water bottle to help you stay hydrated. Also, bring along portable workout equipment such as a simple workout band.

When flying, pay attention to exercise opportunities that present themselves. Walk around the airport terminals, or get some exercise in the Zen room, if your airport provides one. On the plane, be sure to stretch and do some in-flight exercises every hour or so. This will help alleviate common travel complaints such as cramping, stiffness and swelling.
Throughout your travels, remember to keep a realistic view of your personal fitness. You probably won’t be able to execute your usual exercise routine each day, but you will have time to get some exercise. In the morning, you may be able to get up early and go for a run or do some in-room yoga. If you have some time to relax by the pool in the evening, take the opportunity to get some exercise by hopping in and splashing around. If your schedule is particularly busy, get a little exercise during short breaks between or during meetings. You can get a great power workout in about 10 minutes using a chair and your exercise band.

Taking small steps toward fitness during your travels will help you make great strides in your overall health. When you pay attention and take advantage of fitness opportunities, you will find yourself more energized. Travel will be less stressful for you, and you will be better able to return to healthy routines when you arrive back home.

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