Monday, July 11, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog

It's been a while...mostly because I got tired of complaining about all of my ailments...but also because the need to blog just suddenly left.  At first it kept me focused....but I do wonder now if it kept me focused on the wrong things.  By blogging about my pain, did I merely bring attention to it, making it bigger and badder than it really was?

Since my last post, I have lost the boot (that was a little bit over 3 weeks ago) and my chest ailment has been rediagnosed as some type of gastro issue for which I am taking "the purple pill".  I am back to doing my Insanity and P90x workouts and running intervals.  I even went dancing in heels Sat night to celebrate my 40th birthday!!

So now I have a decision to make about this I keep it up or let it die?  I mean, life goes on whether you blog about it or not..right?

I happened to have an interesting conversation with some people at work today.  We were working on a project and some how the discussion led to the concept of "being".  Why is it so hard for us to just "Be"?

And so is born the next subject on which to focus a blog.

Since I am no longer "Bringing It with a Broken Foot", really because my foot is not broken anymore...I am now just "Being".  And perhaps, while bringing attention to "being" I will be able to focus my energy around the ability to just "be".

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