Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Delicate Selves

Again, another delay in blog posts.  It has been a difficult week (or two) to say the least.

Last I left off, I was going to see a Sports Medicine Doc, which I did.  Of course, while I was there my chest didn't hurt at all. pain...whatsoever.  I felt it earlier in the day...oh and later when I got back to work...but while I was at the doctor...nope, nada, nothing.  And....nothing he did recreated it.

It was kind of like a comedy skit..."Does it hurt when I do this?"  "No."  "How about this?"  "Nope"  "What about here."  "No...nothing".  Figures.

Regardless,  great experience, great doctor, asked lots of relevant questions and pushed and probed all over my chest and back.  I mentioned the motrin and the foot...he didn't think I was crazy and actually told me to stop taking the motrin and use tylenol for the pain.  When I explained to him that I would rather be in the boot for an extra week than deal with the pain in my chest, he explained to me that the bone has a window of time in which it can heal.  If it doesn't heal is not a matter of being in the boot for another week or two...or three or four.   You get the picture..

He checked for blood clots and did an EKG to make sure my heart was okay...and it is.  Finally, he wrote me a script for chest X-Rays.

So it's Memorial Day Weekend and of course, I get to Roxborough Memorial Hospital (Yes...that is where I had to go) and they were cloooosed.  Funny thing is...they didn't even know it.  The Emergency Room Nurse was freaking out because she had to register "Outpatient Patients" and the radiology department wasn't even open!  Typical.

So I go back on Tuesday morning for the X-Ray, call on Wednesday to follow up...and hey...guess what???

Everything looks GOOD.

Try to wrap your brain around this...I am in terrible, terrible pain.  At any given time when this thing flares up, I am thinking that I am going to die...and nobody can tell me what is wrong.  Seriously, in my head I was picking out a new nanny/wife for my husband and kids. is the kicker.  Everyone stops me on the street to ask me how my foot is doing because I am still hobbling around in the the big black boot (which by the way, for anyone wondering, it doesn't hurt a lick) and all I want to do is scream about my chest.

Lesson here:  you never know what people are dealing with internally.

Loooong story theory:  Gastrointestinal.  In other words...we think you have reflux and/or severe heartburn.  Really?

So now I am on Prevacid OTC and I go back to the sports medicine doc on Thursday.  I have actually felt pretty good the last few days.  Today was pretty much symptom free!!  Wahoo!!

For those of you interested in the fitness aspect of this deboccle of a blog...the doctor did say I could continue using the bike but to lay off upper body stuff until he figured out what was going on with my chest.  So I have been alternating spinning and intervals using the exercise ball for core work.  I have also been doing leg lifts for quads and hamstrings on the weight bench. 

I will be really annoyed if it was reflux this whole time and I could have been working my upper body.

My guess...a combination of things.....costochondritis, reflux, heartburn, muscles, nerves and a broken foot.  All a reminder of how delicate our bodies really are and how much physical pain can effect our every day lives.

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