Friday, May 13, 2011

No Pain, No Pain

It's been five days since I last exercised...FIVE!  I haven't gone that long since I gave birth to my youngest....and even then I could at least take a walk.   If I wasn't so freakin uncomfortable I would probably be climbing the walls by now.
This is really what it feels like!

What is it they say about the best laid plans and good intentions???  Oh yes, "Sometimes life gets in the way of life."

My original intention with this blog was to write about life with a broken foot, how to continue to exercise and get through each day with a positive attitude (with a few social work related commentaries thrown in)...yet where do I end up???

See pic right.

Struggling to get through each day, feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest, not being able to exercise, and still hobbling around in a big black boot recovering from a broken foot.
I will say, yesterday was a better day.  The pain wasn't quite as intense and when it peaked it didn't last for as long as it had in days past.  I was able to eat pizza and wings for dinner without dying after wards.  I even had a glass of wine.  I went to sleep hoping for an even better day today.

I awoke an hour later with such intense pain in my chest that all I could do was lay there and breathe.  What made it worse was that I couldn't even get downstairs to take my ibuprofen because I would need to use the crutches...which was absolutely NOT happening in that moment.

What a weird random occurrence.  I mean I would rank this pain right up there with labor pains.  At least with labor though, there is a prize at the end.  What's the point here?
Woman in Excruciating Pain labor and/or
inflammation of the chest wall (hard to tell which)

Even worse, when I finally "breathed" myself to sleep (meditation is a fabulous thing), I was plagued by dreams of chasing a doctor who had just performed surgery on my chest around an exam room, all the while bleeding from wounds on my chest that he had carelessly forgotten to stitch back up.

Dear Subconscious:  Thank you for making it clear that I am experiencing intense pain, as if my waking brain could not figure it out on it's own.  Love and Kisses, J.

 Alas, here I sit...frustrated and uncomfortable.

Yet I remind myself that it is only a moment in time.

This too shall pass and one day soon I will feel "normal" again.

I hate it when life gets in the way.

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