Friday, May 27, 2011

One Day at a Time

So here we are.

I went to the foot doctor on Monday, expecting some good news, but alas, none was to come.  He asked how my foot felt, I said "fine".  He said it wasn't swollen.  I said, "Yeah...that could be because I am taking 2400 mg of motrin a day for Costochondritis.  He nodded his head, asked how I got Costo and empathized with my pain.  Then he took an X-ray.

When he came back he looked a bit baffled.  "Still not healed.  These suckers take a long about we put screws in your foot?"
They look like drywall screws...are you kidding?

WHAT?!?! a month ago you said 4-6 weeks in the boot no you want to put screws in?  No effin way!

So I looked at him and simply said, "You are not putting any screws in my foot."  I healed from a Jones Fracture in 12 weeks, I will heal from this too.

And so, he sent me on my way with another appointment in 4 weeks.

In the meantime I started to think about all of the motrin I have been taking (and trying to wean from).  Hmmmmm....I had a hunch so I googled "Motrin effects bone healing".  Isn't google great?

What do you know??  Motrin (or any NSAID) slows bone healing.  In fact, they give it to people when they DON'T want a bone to grow back.


I have been trying to wean myself off of the motrin for two weeks now.  Sunday and Monday were pretty much costochondritis symptom free.


Anyone who has experienced the pain associated with costochondritis will understand my expression of joy.

And it's back
So I went down to 1800mg of motrin on Tuesday and Wednesday.  By 1:00 on Wednesday afternoon, it was back.  Full force!  Like a sucker punch, bam...there it was.

So back up to 2400mg I go.  Slow bone healing I have to accept.

I made an appointment with a Sports Medicine Doctor for this afternoon.  I am feeling very confused around this whole thing.  I'm not sure what I should be doing, could be doing or absolutely should not be doing in order to make this chest pain go away.

I exercised Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mostly on the bike but I also did light resistance with arms and shoulders and some core stuff.  Could that have triggered a relapse in symptoms??  Should I lay off all resistance, or will resistance actually help the healing?  Is the motrin really effecting the healing time of my foot?  Is there an alternative anti-inflammatory?  How long can I expect this to last?

Oy, so many questions.  Hopefully today I will get some answers!  Stay tuned. :)

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